Divorce Situations In Which You Absolutely Need A Child Custody Lawyer

23 May 2019
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Child custody lawyers are different and separate from guardians ad litem. There are not many cases where a child custody lawyer is hired by a parent, but those cases where such a lawyer is hired have extenuating circumstances and divorce situations that are complicated. The following examples are cases where a child custody attorney is most certainly warranted.  One Parent Was Physically and/or Sexually Abusive There was a recent news story regarding a case where a woman was forced to give up some of her custodial rights to the man that raped her and fathered a child through that rape. Read More 

What To Do If An Ex-Spouse Violates Custody

15 April 2019
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Whether an agreement was created by the court or privately through attorneys, a custody arrangement is a legally binding contract that both parents must follow. If your former spouse isn't following this arrangement, it is not only irritating, but it could be costing you a significant amount of time with your child or placing them in danger. Here is what you should do if your spouse isn't following your custody arrangement. Read More