3 Reasons You Need To Be Punctual On Visits During A Child Custody Case

22 February 2017
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No matter how amicable or dramatic a divorce may be, parents must prioritize their kids throughout the divorce proceeding and custody battle. While you are battling for custody of your children, you need to always be punctual on visits when you are picking up your kids and bringing them back to your ex. Negotiating and agreeing to a transportation plan can be an important part of coming to terms with the divorce, and it is very important to take it seriously. Here are three reasons why you need to be punctual on all those visits to pick up and drop off your children.

Reason #1: Demonstrating That Your Children Come First Is Crucial

You should keep a diary throughout the divorce proceedings. In the diary, you need to record all important goings-on with your children. That should include times spent with them and what times they were dropped off or picked up. Make a note whether you or your ex was on time. When you are punctual for every visit, you demonstrate that your children come first to you.

Reason #2: Providing Stability is Crucial During This Time of Upheaval

Children can get anxious when they spent time waiting around for a parent, and they may even doubt that their parent is going to come pick them up if tardiness is typical. Be punctual and let your kids know that they can always rely on you. They can get less anxious about the separation of the family when you demonstrate that they count on you to be there like you always have been.

Reason #3: Establishing and Respecting a Cordial Co-Parenting Relationship with An Ex

Like it or not, you are going to have to engage in some sort of relationship with your ex until your children are grown up. Even then, you are likely to cross paths at events that are important for your children. When you are punctual, you are showing that you respect your ex's time and feelings, and it helps establish a good precedent in your relationship.

Finally, these are only three reasons of many. If there is a court order in place that details when you should arrive with your child to your ex-spouse's residence, yet you don't show up, you can be held in contempt of court. Contact a family law attorney if you cannot follow an agreement that you have made or want to have it reevaluated. Click here for more info on this topic.