Why Traffic Police May Suspect You Of DUI

17 July 2018
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Have you ever wondered why the police suspect some people of DUI (driving under the influence) and not others? Well, here are some of the things that may make the police suspect that you are intoxicated and driving:

You Are Driving Erratically

The police may suspect you of intoxicated driving even before stopping you. This may be the case, for example, if you are driving over the centerline, you are speeding, or you are weaving in and out of lanes. In such a case, you are likely to be stopped for your traffic offenses and then tested for DUI.

You Admit Taking a Little Alcohol

If you are stopped for any reason whatsoever, the police may ask you if you have been drinking whether they suspect it or not. Some people panic and admit to taking "just one bottle" with the hope that the police will waive them away. It rarely works that way, especially if the police suspect you are lying, and the next thing they will do is test you for intoxication.

There Is Alcohol Smell in Your Breathe

There are also cases where the police stop you for an unrelated offense, say a broken taillight, and then smell alcohol in your breath. This may be the case if the police get very close to you, if you have taken a lot of alcohol, or if you had been drinking in the car. Whatever the cause of the alcohol smell in your breath, it is one of the most obvious reasons to be suspected of DUI.

You Have an Open Container in the Car

Some people also make the mistake of having open alcohol containers, such as cans of beer, in plain view while driving. First of all, there are many areas where you aren't allowed to drive with an open alcohol container even if you aren't driving the vehicle, so that is already an offense on its own. Secondly, the police will assume that you have been drinking if they see an open alcohol container in your car.

You Display Physical Characteristics of an Intoxicated Person

There are a few physical characteristics that some intoxicated people usually exhibit. Therefore, the police will suspect you of DUI if you display such characteristics even if you are not intoxicated. These include walking with a staggering gait, having bloodshot eyes, and speaking with slurred speech, among others.

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