When Accident Injuries Linger

31 August 2020
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A car accident can disrupt life in many ways. Accident victims have to put up with a wrecked vehicle, injuries, pain, financial losses, and more. To make matters worse, some injuries require more than a couple of months to heal. If another driver has caused you to be hurt badly in a wreck, you need to know what to expect when it comes to long-term compensation for your losses. Read on and find out more.

Medical Expenses That Seem To Never End

Almost all medical procedures cost far more than they should. While the at-fault driver's insurance is supposed to pay for your medical expenses, you might need more care in the future. Many accident cases end with a settlement, and not all of them take into consideration future medical needs. You cannot expect the other driver's insurance policy to cover you a year from now when your doctor says you need another surgery and physical rehabilitation afterward. The only way to make sure that you get the compensation you need for future medical needs is to take action now and preserve your rights.

Action Steps to Take Now

Below are the actions and information you need to know before you make a mistake with your accident claim and end up suffering the financial effects of a long-term injury.

  1. Never speak with a representative or insurance adjuster for the other driver. You don't have to talk with them — this is a job for a legal professional.
  2. Never accept a settlement from the other side before you speak to a personal injury lawyer. Once you sign the paperwork, it's too late to go back and change your mind.
  3. Understand how much you are entitled to before you make a decision. Future medical payments are not included in all settlements, so speak to a personal injury lawyer if you think you will need future treatment.
  4. Future medical treatment costs are estimated using information from your doctor and other experts who can predict the costs associated with certain procedures.
  5. Be sure to take into consideration the way the long-term injury is affecting your income-earning potential. You are entitled to be paid for lost earnings if you can no longer work at your job.
  6. Under normal circumstances, pain and suffering is computed based on the dollar amount of your medical expenses. With a more serious and long-lasting injury, the payment for pain and suffering can be far higher.

To find out more about future medical needs and receiving the compensation you deserve, speak to a personal injury lawyer at a law firm like Siben & Siben LLP.