Three Reasons You May Have A Potential Lawsuit Against A Nursing Home On Behalf Of Your Loved One

30 November 2022
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When your loved one is placed in a nursing home, it is because they have an inability to care for themselves. Perhaps it was stroke or a head injury from a fall. It may simply be age-related dementia. But whatever the reason, they cannot take care of themselves. This makes them vulnerable. The following are a few reasons you may have a potential lawsuit.

You see ulcerations or pressures sores on their body

Commonly called bed sores, these form as the result of a body not being moved. They are seen in nursing homes because so many patients cannot get out of their beds. Residents of nursing homes are dependent upon staff to reposition them, so they are not susceptible to these sores. Many times the reason for them is due to a staff shortage. But whether it is neglect from the available staff, or there simply are not enough people working at the nursing home, it is still negligence. You can bring a case of personal injury against the nursing home. You need to document these sores. Take photos of what you see, then bring them to the attention of a doctor or nurse as well as a personal injury lawyer.

Your loved one is no longer responsive

This could indicate neglect, but their mental state may have taken a sudden turn for the worse. Although there are medical explanations for this, it may also be a situation when your loved one is not receiving their prescription medication, or they have become deeply depressed because of physical abuse. There are many explanations, but you need to speak to a doctor about this condition. Often you can get a feel for what is happening by the way a doctor or other medical staff react to your inquiries. Your questions should always be taken seriously.

You may still have a case even when your loved one has died

Technically, this is a case of wrongful death, but if the death is due to negligence or abuse, the case is often represented by the same attorneys that handle abuse in nursing homes. If you have evidence of abuse or negligence that you bring to the attention of the nursing home's management after the death of your loved one, they are likely to point out the medial problems he or she had. Common ailments include diabetes, dementia, heart issues, and brain injuries. However, if neglect contributed to your loved one's death, you may have a case you can persue.

If your loved one resides in a nursing home, and you suspect they are being abused or neglected, you need to document everything you can, including photos. Your next step is to bring this to the attention of doctors and nurses. If the situation doesn't improve, see an attorney. If your loved one had died, and you suspect negligence, a lawyer may be able to determine if negligence was a factor.

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