How A Nurse License Defense Attorney Can Help You

28 March 2023
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Did you recently receive a complaint about your conduct as a nurse? Are you facing some type of disciplinary action from the hospital, the state board of nursing, or something even worse? If you find yourself in legal peril, you may want to hire an attorney to assist you. Specifically, you should look into hiring a nurse license defense attorney to help you weather the coming storm. Here are just some of the things that a good defense lawyer with expertise in nursing can do for you.

Gather Evidence for the Investigation

If you are currently under investigation by the state board, you will get a chance to tell your side of the story. It is important when this time comes for you to be prepared. A good attorney with expertise in this area can help you gather evidence, secure documentation, interview witnesses, and more. Your lawyer will help you put all of the evidence into a compelling narrative.

Represent You With Your Employer

If your nursing license is under review or your conduct is being investigated, you might be on the outs with your employer. This could be a suspension pending the results of the investigation or perhaps you were already terminated. Your lawyer's main focus will be your license but he or she can also represent you with your employer. The evidence gathered for the hearing on your license can also be used to show your employer you did nothing wrong.

Prepare You for Your Hearing

Any nurse who faces losing his or her license will be given a hearing with the state board. Your lawyer has been through this process before and can coach you on what to say and familiarize you with the hearing process. A hearing like this can be intimidating when you know that your career or livelihood is on the line, but having a lawyer on your side to navigate the situation could help put your mind at ease.

Appeal a Decision

If the investigation or hearing doesn't go your way, don't panic. It is possible to appeal this decision, and having a lawyer with you from the start will allow you to move forward with the appeals process more quickly because you'll already have a good bit of evidence. Your lawyer will look at what additional information might be needed to try and win an appeal and will take the lead in moving forward.

Get Your License Back

You don't have to be under active investigation to hire a nursing license defense lawyer. A lawyer with expertise in this area could also help someone who has already lost their license but wants to try and get it back. It may be possible to show the nursing board that you are rehabilitated and ready to begin your career again.

For more information, contact a nurse license defense attorney near you.