Three Reasons You May Have A Potential Lawsuit Against A Nursing Home On Behalf Of Your Loved One

30 November 2022
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When your loved one is placed in a nursing home, it is because they have an inability to care for themselves. Perhaps it was stroke or a head injury from a fall. It may simply be age-related dementia. But whatever the reason, they cannot take care of themselves. This makes them vulnerable. The following are a few reasons you may have a potential lawsuit. You see ulcerations or pressures sores on their body Read More 

Are You Considering Closing Down Your Business Because Of Enormous Debt? See How Filing For Bankruptcy Can Save You

31 October 2022
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If you are about to close down your business because of enormous debt, it is not advisable to do so before speaking to a bankruptcy attorney. This is because they can recommend different strategies to save your business, including declaring bankruptcy. Doing so might offer you the relief you need and enable you to resolve your issue without closing down your company. Read on to understand how declaring bankruptcy can be a lifeline for your business and how a legal advisor can help you. Read More 

Trust Litigation: Causes And Why You Need An Attorney

27 September 2022
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Establishing a trust is one of the most thoughtful ways of ensuring effective estate planning after your demise or if you become incapacitated. A trust is a legal document involving a trustor, trustees, and beneficiaries. The trustor is the person establishing the trust. Trustees are persons or entities you leave or entrust with the duty to manage the assets in the trust. They carry out your instructions, pay off debts, make investments, keep confidential records, and distribute your assets among beneficiaries if you didn't make any clear wishes. Read More 

Application For Disability Payments For Broken Bones — Getting The Help Of A Legal Advisor

11 August 2022
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If you break your bones in an accident, your life can change for the worse. Your situation might be more serious if you suffer severe leg bone fractures because you may require a lengthy recovery. In addition, some fractures may never heal and might cause significant side effects that might affect your ability to work. For instance, your leg might swell, and you may have to elevate it for hours. This might make it difficult to perform your usual duties in your company, making you consider applying for financial assistance for your disability. Read More 

How A New Romantic Interest Can Influence Child Custody Modification

1 July 2022
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Ordinarily, you cannot use the other parent's new romantic interest to demand child custody modification. You can only use the new relationship to demand a modification if it threatens your child's welfare. Below are a few examples of such threats. Drug Abuse Drug abuse endangers your child's life both directly and indirectly. For example, the child might start experimenting with drugs if the new partner abuses drugs in their presence. In addition, drug abuse impairs judgment, which means the abuser might harm the child while the abuse is high. Read More