4 Types Of Cases A Divorce Lawyer Handles During A Divorce

12 May 2022
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If divorcing spouses cannot amicably settle the divorce, a legal battle can ensue. Most legal conflicts in a divorce arise in the form of: Alimony payment requests Division of joint assets Child custody decisions Child support requests When a divorcing couple can't agree on the above aspects, they usually opt to settle the matters in court. The need to hire divorce lawyers then arises. Divorce lawyers can assist in negotiating the above factors but, if negotiations fail, your divorce lawyer will have to represent your interests in court. Read More 

Pursuing Justice In Your Civil Case

12 April 2022
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Civil lawsuits can be instrumental in allowing individuals to pursue justice when they have been harmed. Hiring a civil litigation law firm can be one of the first steps that a person will want to take to make sure that their rights are protected throughout this process. Evaluating The Facts And Strength Of The Case Not surprisingly, individuals are often poorly equipped to understand the strength of their case. This can make it harder for them to know their options for resolving the matter. Read More 

Why Divorcing People Should Almost Always Avoid Conflict

23 February 2022
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Folks who are divorcing are sometimes inclined to turn the matter into a giant fight. This may extend to threatening drawn-out legal battles. Divorce lawyers, however, tend to see the issue differently, and they will often encourage their clients to avoid conflicts. You might wonder why this is so let's look at why attorneys frequently prefer a quieter approach to divorce. The Divorce System Is Effectively No-Fault Simply put, the American legal system doesn't have much interest in drawn-out battles because it assigns no fault to either party when a marriage ends. Read More 

Is It Possible To Deny Someone Any Custody Of Their Child?

14 January 2022
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Child custody law issues often produce situations that parents find extremely concerning. Folks in such circumstances may wonder how far the law can go to bar someone from having custody over their child. Whether you're trying to block custody or are worried someone might prevent you from having your kid, you should be aware of these four aspects of how the law handles the problem. The Child's Best Interests A child's best interests represent the core of all judicial decision-making in custody law. Read More